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Love Rings

Love Rings
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-1407-03-2
Enhance your erotic sensual satisfaction and performance with the sleek and discreet Rubber Ring Black 3 Piece Set. The trio of erection enhancers are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and great for instant arousal stimulation and gratification extension. The flexible rubber adornment rings are supp..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-1403-05-2
Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. These rings are designed to get you hard and keep you there!..
Ex Tax:£6.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: 3002145903
Soft and stretchy, this erection enhancer fits comfortably at the base of the penis while the nubbed scrotum ring wraps around the testes for added support and pleasure.*Dildo not included..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: XR Brands Model: AF286
Create more sensitivity and hardness with an erection enhancer that stretches around your shaft and scrotum to separate your balls. As blood flow to your penis and each of your balls is restricted, every sensation will be enhanced. Whether you are masturbating, engaging in foreplay, or even having s..
Ex Tax:£23.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-1368-25-2
Atlas is awesomely sturdy erection enhancers that will enhance stamina while providing the ultimate in comfort. Crafted from absolutely pure silicone, they're designed to be supremely stimulating and exciting.Designed to fit just about any size, these supple silicone rings will allow you to maintain..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-1737-03-2
Pack of 4 super stretchy TRP enhancers...
Ex Tax:£7.99
Brand: Diamond Toys Model: SY03HD
For stronger orgasms, improved stamina and extended erections on a budget look no further than this purse-friendly cock ring. Created from a soft, stretchy material, this will snugly fit around any size shaft. Once positioned around the base of your erection, enjoy your love-making as normal, but be..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: NMC Ltd Model: 2R763
Soft rubber ring with small beads inside, guaranteed to keep your erection hard and fast through all your needs..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Brand: Various Toy Brands Model: BV-018BLK
Snug and Tug is a multi-sensation experience, it is a weighted butt plug that is designed to provide a rumbly feeling of fullness.Snug and Tug build off our popular design by incorporating a genital ring, which supports enhanced stimulation to multiple erogenous zones as the ring produces longer, st..
Ex Tax:£48.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: 3002160900
Stretch this amazing cock over your erection for added support and increased pleasure!..
Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-5629-20-3
Triple Smooth Cock Cage provides testicular and penile support and is stretchy and comfortable to wear. Dildo not included...
Ex Tax:£8.99
Brand: Linx Kinx Minx Model: 21-29BLK
Dual Rings, one piece design to fit the shaft and balls.Made of durable silicone...
Ex Tax:£6.99
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